HP All in One Printers - One of the Best in the Industry, If Not the Best

Printers, according to many, are the most boring amongst the gadgets because they are mostly used in offices and look really boring. I have been following technology for quite a while and as a part of my job, a lot of gadgets arrive in my labs for reviewing. Printers are one of them and hence I write a lot of printer reviews for my computer blogs. There are plenty of all in one printer reviews too. I have a modest test rig in my labs and I use that to review all the printers that I get in my labs. I install the printer according to the specifications given by the manufacturer.

Amongst all the printers, I find that the HP all-in-one printers are better than others. The quality that they have to offer is better than what you get in the competition and the speeds are really fast too. The latest product that this manufacturer gave me was the HP Photosmart Premium Touch Smart Web. This device is shipped in recyclable bags by the manufacturer; HP is doing its two bits to go green. In my printer reviews for this product, I said that the new design was quite pleasing to the eye. The looks were much better than other printers that I have got in my labs. This proves that a office printer need not be necessarily boring. This printer also has a very comprehensive driver features. I have done a lot of all in one printer reviews in the past and I can confidently say that such driver features are really rare. There are separate trays for paper and photos and the printer automatically take the right type for the relevant job.

I am not saying that the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web is a perfect printer. It comes with a few flaws. The printer has onscreen apps which take a really long time to access and feel a bit gimmicky. There is no auto document feeder which means you will have to be close to the printer for supplying the sheets. The printer also has a touch screen but it is really slow to respond. People who lack patience will quickly get frustrated. In my tests, the applications often freezed up and I had no option but to restart the printer. Finally, the scanner bed is a bit small.Hp uk support

I will still remember the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web in spite of these flaws. The photo quality from this printer is really high and the speeds too are really zippy. I also liked that HP put some downloadable applications for the touch screen. It comes at a price though so be ready to dig deeper in your pocket. Stay away from this printer if you are on a stiff budget because you don't really need a touch screen in printer and you save a lot of money if you let go of that feature. This is one of the upmarket HP all-in-one printers I have ever had in my labs.

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